In 2010 during an extended trip in Europe I made the discovery that all artists dream of; I found my own voice! Like most great discoveries it occurred by accident. This accident occurred in Strasbourg Notre Dame, and this style has become the cornerstone of my photographic art. In this magnificent spiritual space I discovered a technique which produces dynamic images of stained glass windows and candles. This original method of dancing with light, clearly allows these subjects to come alive. 

To obtain a better understanding of the artistic world of photography I studied at Stills Gallery. Stills is Scotland's Centre for artistic Photography. This experience helped me understand what it means to be a photographic artist.      

I spent the rest of my trip refining my technique. I took advantage of the abundance of ancient religious buildings Europe has to offer and was constantly surprised by the results.

The story so far....

©Laura Myles

In February 2011 I held my debut exhibition, The Dance of Light. One of the images featured in the exhibition was selected for the Salon pages of the February 2011 edition of Trouble magazine. The Dance of Light Part II, formed part of the Castlemaine Fringe Festival 2011. This, my debut festival show, was a great success, both in terms of sales and audience feedback. I’ve since had a number of other exhibitions in Central Victoria, including a sell out at Bold Gallery cafe in September 2011. I also exhibited during the Castlemaine Fringe festival in 2013 & 2015, the Castlemaine State Festival in 2017.

Laura Myles